Club Officers

Club Officers and Advisors

President: Danielle Aaltonen

The President is responsible for contacting the companies that visit the club and helping them set up their presentations. Communication skills are very important for this position, as this person serves at the mediator between the club and the companies.

Internal and External Vice President: Nathan Flowers and Aleksandra Andersen

The Internal President is responsible for communicating with the club members, such as sending out meeting reminders and answering any questions that members might have. Communication skills is also important for this position as well as the ability to reach out to club members and help them get acquainted with the club.

Treasurer: Jordan Herskovitz

The Treasurer is responsible for organizing the club financial account and collecting dues in order to gain club membership.They will stay in contact with the Club Financial advisor and handle any reimbursement forms. Honesty is key for this position. 

Secretary: Zach Velthoven

The Secretary is in charge of documenting meetings for club members to catch up. They will be in charge of getting recruiters contact information and updating the club websites after each meeting. Someone who is great at communication and would love to make connections with all companies who visit is well suited for this position.

Club Advisor: Albert Cohen

Actuarial Science Faculty:
Tom Mccollum
Albert Cohen