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Past Presentation Materials


Thank you to Sam Tashima and Hannah Cregg for the presenting opportunities of Actuaries at Aon. They shared about how the exams will be changing next year. They also gave insight on how the field is changing to adapt to new threats, such as autonomous cars and cybersecurity. They will be at the career fair on October 3rd for an opportunity to apply for their internship for the upcoming summer.

Farm Bureau

Thank you to Chad Williams and Audrey Canfield for sharing with us what it is like to work at Farm Bureau Insurance and hosting interviews after the meeting. They shared the unique experince of how their interns spend half of the summer working on the Property and Casualty side and then switching to the Health and Life side. This allows the intern to get a taste of both pathways of an actuary before having to pick one. 


Thank you Alan Percal and Michael Webb for informing us about Humana's summer internship program and Humana as a company. They shared how their internship program is highly desired. They typically hire full-time from the internship programs, with many people accepting the offers. You can apply by contacting Alan or Michael and applying online.

Willis Towers Watson

Thank you to Trevor Logan, Marcus Oden, and Randy Beier for giving us the opportunity to hear about internships at Willis Towers Watson. They shared how Willis Towers Watson has a very friendly and welcoming environment. Specifically, they expressed there is an open floor plan to promote cooperation. They also place a strong emphasis on training their employees, especiall by sending all new hires to Chicago for a training program. You can apply to the internship by looking at the posting in Handshake.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Thank you to Adam Dee, and Drew Hopkins for sharing with us about Blue Cross Blue Shield and its internship program. They gave a different perspective in their presentation by brining both an actuary and an underwriter to compare and contrast those jobs. It also helped to understand how Actuaries and Underwriters work together to develop prices for a particular plan. If you would like to apply for either the actuarial internship or the underwriting internship, please email the talent acquisition consultant Blaemely Schell.